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How to Choose the Best Siding Color for Your Home

Whether you are building your house or looking to give it a fresh look, choosing the right color for your siding can be exciting and a little overwhelming. There are several elements to consider before choosing the right color.

Research the colors that go with the style of your home

Whether you have a Farmhouse, Contemporary, or Victorian style, it’s important to research what colors go best with the style of your home. The first step is to identify which style of home you are building or renovating. Once you know the style, you can research the most common colors for each home design.

Research current and projected trends

Staying up to date with the colors that are currently trending and are projected to be popular can help you decide which color to pick. With so many different aspects to consider, you’ll ultimately want to choose a color that is timeless and aesthetically pleasing to your home, neighborhood and surrounding environment. Knowing which colors are most popular is a great place to start. In 2022, some of the trendiest colors included white, mossy green, cavern steel, earth tones and summit blue. 2023 is projected to have similar trending colors with white, earth tones, gray, and beige along with a new addition that is vibrant and bright. Yellow is projected to be popular in the upcoming year as it tends to match earth tones that will continue in popularity in the next year.

Match your roof color

One of the most important steps before selecting your siding color is to make sure the colors you have in mind match the color of your roof, especially if you don’t plan on changing it. Similar to choosing the right colors based on the style of your home, remember to research what colors will go with your roof color for a unified look.

Once you have selected your siding color, it’s time to choose a color for the trim

When choosing your trim color, there are two style options you can choose: complimentary or contrasting. Your personal preference and the style of your home can dictate which option you choose as an accent color.

Use James Hardie’s website as a tool to select the best color for you.

James Hardie’s website has resources you can use to find the best color for your home. With the personalized home design tool, you can visualize your home and explore different design options. You can also find colors that are popular in your location and get inspiration and ideas from examples of other home designs.

Choosing the right color isn’t always easy, but Jenack Construction is here to help you find the best siding and trim color for you!


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