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The Evolution of Vinyl Siding & Its Benefits

It’s no surprise home building has changed drastically over the past 100 years. The modern homes we see today are far different from homes built in the early 1900’s. One reason for the shift in styles and overall exterior quality,is due to the evolution of vinyl siding. Before we explore the modern benefits of vinyl siding, let’s dive into how it started and why it became so popular over the last 50 years.

In the early 1900’s, wood, aluminum, shingles and veneer were the most commonly used materials for siding. Wood originally was a very popular option, but as the supply of trees decreased and evidently costs increased, it was time for an alternative. Vinyl siding was first produced in the 1950’s as an alternative to wood siding. The main purpose was to provide a more affordable and weather resistant option for new home builds and remodels. When it was first introduced, vinyl siding was not an immediate success. The early vinyl siding material lacked durability and the colors often faded due to sun exposure. Over time, the formula was optimized. Durability and weather resistance improved through the 1970’s and 1980’s. As these changes were implemented, vinyl siding quickly gained popularity and has many benefits over other materials.

It’s highly durable and guaranteed to last a long time.

Vinyl siding has evolved to be fade-resistance, scratch-free, and includes locking technology to keep it secure and in place.

Vinyl siding is easy to install.

Whether you plan to do it yourself or hire a professional, vinyl siding is typically the easiest to install. It’s easy to cut and doesn’t require any painting.

It’s weather resistant.

Vinyl siding is proven to be very versatile and can withstand any climate. You don’t have to worry about mold or mildew forming due to its water repellent capabilities. This makes it a great option for your home no matter where you live.

Vinyl siding is affordable and known to be low maintenance.

Once installed, it’s very cost effective. Vinyl siding requires minimal un-keep unlike other materials.

Vinyl siding is available in many colors and styles.

If you’re looking for the classic wood style without the rot and deterioration, vinyl siding might be the best option for you. It comes in many different colors and styles giving you the option to customize your home to fit your aesthetic and design needs.

It’s energy efficient and eco-friendly.

Want to save money on your energy bill and support the environment? Then look no further than vinyl siding. It’s known to be more energy efficient and eco-friendly compared to other materials.

If you’re building a new home or remodeling, vinyl siding might be the best option for you. Jenack Construction can help you find the best vinyl siding based on your personal preferences and design needs. Check out our website to learn more! If you are reading this and are looking for new siding, call us and use the code vinyl10 for 10% off our siding services.


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